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Lion's Mane Liquid Double Extract (2oz)

Lion's Mane Liquid Double Extract (2oz)



Reach your state of flow. The mighty Lion's Mane Mushroom is one of the most powerful in the fungi kingdom. By adding just 1-3 FULL droppers to your morning coffee, Tea, or even sublingually (under your tongue) you can be mentally ready for the day. I recommend this as a morning routine just like the Cordyceps Extract. Some have reported energy at night when taken too late in the day. However, all respond differently.


Lion's Mane is commonly known to:

- Improve focus & concentration

- Fourth highest anti-oxidant level in the mushroom kingdom..

- Believed to enhance and support our immune system by reducing inflamation and preventing oxidation. Inflamation is a major contributing factor in most diseases such as Diabetes, Heart disease, and auto-immune disease to name just a few. 

- Studies have shown that Lions Mane may help play a role in the prevention and offset of Alzheimers and Dementia.

- Can help restore neural connections and help stimulate Brain growth on a neural level.

- May help with circulation as well



Lion's Mane mushroom shows to contain an abundance of bioactive compounds such as erinacines and hericerins.


The Lion's Mane mushroom is one of the most impressive mushrooms in the fungi kingdom. It is an easily recognisable mushroom due to its unique and beautiful appearance of cascading white icicles. Historically the Lion's Mane mushroom was reserved only for the Royals due to its delicious delicate taste.


Double Liquid Extracts are:

• Engineered in Agape Mycology lab in and USA• Unique Double Extraction process• Alcohol based• Made with fruiting body only


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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