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Who is Agape Mycology?
A word from our founder Eric Fisher.

We are a family, community, and next generation organization striving to break the stigma's and clear up the false information associated with mushrooms and Mycology as a whole. Not only does Agape Mycology provide all of your core Mycological needs, we also intend to use this platform to connect the ever growing number and variety of people waking up to the fact that big pharma isnt needed or even beneficial in most cases for every little malady. Especially our mental health. By connecting each other with a open forum to freely exchange information and cultivation techniques, easy cross referencing and fact checking with other mycologists, and having a safe place to allow our love of all things living to cultivate we will naturally pass this love and information down to our children. At the end of the day are we really fighting or living for any other cause? To give a better life than our own and leave a better place than when we arrived?

Cultivating Medicinal and Gourmet mushrooms have provided me with a totally different and unexpected form of healing. I believe that it helped me connect and become aware of my own energy and natures ability to change my energy and mood. Walking into a grow room filled with Lions Mane or Reishi would instantly begin to calm me. I became grateful and really just didnt care about the world outside that grow room. Like when we walk into the forest on a perfect day. Calm. So, i quit my union career as a Steamfitter. Put all my money and energy into healing and Agape Mycology. Combining my lifes experiences with my love for Mycology and a strong desire to make as large of  a positive long term impact on our future generations as possible;

I give you Agape Mycology!!! 

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