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Chaga Dual Extract

Chaga Dual Extract

Welcome to Chaga. In my opinion a very underrated Fungi and unexpected source of so many benefits.Growing predominatly on Birch trees and in colder climate regions,Chaga best resemble a tree burl. That big weird knot on the side of many trees. 

By adding just 1-3 FULL droppers to any beverage to can start to enjoy this wonderful Fungi's benefits.


-Chaga Is high in most major Vitamins and Minerals found in multi-vitamin supplents such as

-B Complex

-Vitamin D




-Amino Acids









Helps prevent oxidative stress. This causes the physical signs of ageing that we experience.Exposure to the elements and toxins create free radicals in the body.Anti Oxidants fight/capture these free radcals.

-May help reduce LDL Cholesterol

-In vitro it showed Chaga slowed the growth of Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Cervical Cancer Cells.

-Supports the Immune System

-Helps fight Inflamation


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