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Sno-Tox   Age Reversing Serum

Sno-Tox Age Reversing Serum

Sno-Tox is made using all natural products.

The base of which is Concentrated Tremella fuciformis. Otherwise known as the Snow Mushroom.

Tremella helps boost collagen production.

Reduces water loss from our skin.

Effective topical antioxidant.

Works as a Natural topical moisturizer and has strong topical anti inflammatory properties.

Seems to inhibit (prevent) melanin formation, possibly reducing the appearance of dark spots when applied topically.

Supports the production of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin. This naturally declines with age. The water binding capabilities of Tremella assist with locking in moisture allowing the skin to stay hydrated.

You will SEE the results immediately!!

Apply topically to any area that needs it as needed throughout the day and especially before bedtime after your normal night time hygiene regiment.

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